Friday, June 24, 2011

Poor Maya Girl!

So this week has been a rough one for little Maya Jane! We headed into the church for Bible study and she opened the glass door into her toe. Her toenail was like half way bent back and it was dripping blood! I almost passed out. Thankfully my friend Amy who is a nurse came to the rescue. And my friend Christin was there for moral support. I mean it, I get all dizzy and sweaty and then I need to put my head between my legs and it is just awful. I am NOT good in these situations! Needless to say, she ended up staying in Bible study with me and added a lot of wisdom to our table!

As if that weren't enough, after Bible study a bunch of us were headed to the park with the kiddos. I had Joe's car because mine needed a new headlight and tires rotated. So I'm not familiar with his doors, you have to close the back one before you can close the front, so I was trying to get ALL the kids in the car and I slam the back door RIGHT ON MAYA JANE'S LEG!!! I mean really, she already has a bloody throbbing toe and I just smash her leg to go along with it? Let's all say it together..... LOSER MOM!!!

So then yesterday she and Max were taking a bath together and apparently concocted a soapy potion which she drank. A couple of hours later she was running to the bathroom and pooped her pants! There was a lot of drama there. I felt so bad for her. I hate to see her upset or hurt. She is just such a precious little scoot! Then after she said, phew I didn't poop in my favorite undies!!!!!

So tonight we were all playing and Joe ripped off part of her dangling toenail and she screamed it hurt more than she thought it would and Max came tearing into the room at full speed and smacked her right upside the head!!! I mean let's put the girl in a bubble right? She can't catch a break.

So I guess another year will pass where I will not be "Mom of the year" again!!!

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