Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday and Father's Day to an Awesome Guy!!!

Yesterday was Joe's birthday and Father's day! What a blessed guy he is! And what a blessing he is to us! I just wanted to say thank you to him for all his hard work and all the things he does for our family! We are very blessed. This father's day was especially special because it was the first father's day that Ade celebrated where he was no longer fatherless!!! I love to watch the bond he and Joe have. It is special! You can really tell he LOVES his daddy!

So some of my favorite things about J:

-He loves his kids.
-He loves Jesus.
-He can be a real dork!
-He is SUCH a daydreamer and scatterbrain at times!
-His eyes
-His scar on his eye!
-His work ethic.
-How he treats his employees!
-That he said yes to adopting.
-That he loves to exercise!
-That we are in this thing together.
-That he thinks I'm funny, sometimes!
-When he acts like an old man.
-When he dances!!!

Those are just a few things. So Joseph Wilen Freudenthal, thank you for being the man of the house and providing for us. Thank you for keeping me grounded like you do. And bringing me back to reality at times! I love you very much and appreciate you beyond measure! We are sooooo blessed!

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