Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My little Choco Baby is Turning 2!!!

Tomorrow is Ade's 2nd birthday! I can't even believe my baby will be 2! It doesn't seem like he has been home long enough. When I think back on his birthday last year I remember it being such a sad and emotional time. We were trying to get past court and I so badly wanted him home with us for his 1st birthday. But God's timing is perfect and I am soooo thankful we have him home this year.

His birthday brings up a lot of questions in my mind. Like what was his labor and delivery like. What did he look like as a newborn. Did he have hair? Did he nurse easy, how did he sleep, what kind of baby was he? The list goes on and on. Did his birth mom think she would be relinquishing her rights 8 months later? I mean so many questions. I don't much about the first 14 months of his little life, but I can be thankful that I will know the rest of his life story! We are writing his life story every day. His birthday will always be so special just like the other 3 kids. He will know that he is loved!

My heart hurts for his birth mom on his birthday. I tend to think a lot of her feelings and the fact that she is his birth mom. But I know in my heart that I am his Mamma! I take care of him every day and I love him with all my heart! But she will always be a part of his story and I pray that she has peace tomorrow and that the Lord would just speak to her that he is doing great and he is the king of the castle!!! I love that baby boy!

So some fun memories about Choco's second year of life with us:

-He went to his first pumpkin patch
-Celebrated his first Thanksgiving and Christmas and Halloween
-He has started talking soooo much.
-Had his first dentist appointment
-Had his first Diet Coke
-First Ice cream
-He got a Daddy and a darn good one at that!
-He has grown so much.
-His legs have straightened out.
-He LOVES basketball.
-He flipped out in the water the first time.
-He has gone to the beach and seen the ocean.
-He has got EVERYONE we meet wrapped around his little finger.
_He is going to Yo Gabba Gabba Live in November!

There are so many more things I could share about our precious boy. He is such a blessing to us and he brings even more light to our already bright family! We could not have gotten a more perfect baby for our family! God has truly blessed us! I am so thankful that my husband finally said yes. I can't imagine our lives without Ade Joseph Tariku Freudenthal! We are so glad that God led you to us!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS BOY!!!

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