Sunday, October 10, 2010


So little man had his circumcision on Thursday. While he was under they also removed a mole from his neck and back. So the poor little guy is ALL stitched up! I was almost in tears a few times, he would cry and grab at his diaper. He was in pain! But he mix of Tylenol with codeine and Ibuprofen seemed to do the trick! But my heart really went out to him!

This morning when he woke up it was dripping blood. We made a special trip to the dr and got him all fixed up! And he took a 3 hour nap today! Unbelievable!!! He is doing much better.

We are so in love with our baby boy. He is just such a true blessing! So happy and cute. We are blessed! We are LOVING being a family of 6. Poor little Maya is having some issues lately so be praying for her. She is such a precious girl but her attitude has not been so precious lately!

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