Saturday, October 30, 2010

Isaiah 41:9-10

Little did I know in 2008 when God laid this verse on my heart and I went to Haiti that He had a much bigger plan for my life in Africa! When I went to Haiti I sort of struggled with the fact that there wasn't some life-changing experience. I walked away from that trip with a deeper desire to adopt, a broken heart for the oppressed and the orphan and a great appreciation for America!

Now looking back on that trip I see that maybe God was laying the framework for our adoption. Maybe He sent me to Haiti to experience a third world country before I went to pick up my son. So I wouldn't be so shocked at what I would see in Ethiopia!

Little did I know that the mother of my son was 3 months pregnant at the time! I had NO CLUE he was being formed in his mother's womb! WOW!!! God was working, He was working to prepare my heart and give me compassion and a broken heart for His people! I wonder if Ade's mom knew she was pregnant yet? I wonder if she had told her family yet. I wonder if they were making plans for him yet. So many unknowns with adoption.

I didn't get to meet his mother which I was very disappointed about. I don't even have a picture of her to show to him. But I pray for her and her family every night when I put Ade to bed. I pray that maybe God would open that door and I would someday get to meet her or even just see a picture of her!

God shows me little by little all the ways He was in this and I love looking back and watching how His plan unfolded!

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