Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Sickness

So Christmas was interesting around here. I had 3 kids with high fevers and croupy coughs:(. But they tried really hard to be happy. On Christmas Eve we have my mom's side of the family over and the last 2 years we have done ugly Christmas. So it has been really fun.

This year Joe dressed as Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation. He was hilarious. We had such a great time. But Maya was really feeling bad so I had to go lay down with her and I missed a lot of the party. But I could hear all the laughs and yelling so I know it was a good one.

We woke up on Christmas morning and read our birthday letters to Jesus and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and then it was on to opening presents. The kids had so much fun and I feel like Joe and I did a good job. We didn't go overboard and they were happy with everything they had gotten. Poor Max Maya and Ade were all still sick. Later we headed over to my parents to eat dinner and open gifts and by this time 2 of the kids had spiked fevers and they were ready to go home. They were done. But we had a wonderful time at my parents, just felt bad that we had to leave so early.

Today has been cleaning and organizing. The kids were thrilled about that let me tell you. Actually Ella helped me a lot. She can be really helpful if she wants to be. I got all the Christmas decorations put away and got the house mostly put back together.

We had to take Maya to Urgent Care because she is so congested and her cough is awful. They gave her a steroid and she is much better. Poor little thing. I am ready to have 4 healthy kiddos again. I'm sure they are ready as well.

A few things I want to remember from this Christmas: We had told the kids not to guess their presents because it is really annoying to the people giving them. So every time Ade would open a gift we would say, "what is it? and he would say, DON'T GUESS!" He is so obedient. He was very into opening presents.

Ella opened a One Direction blanket and said, "Ok boys, come to Mamma!" She is too much.

Maya Jane got black American Girl Bitty baby twins and she named them Tariku and Mekdes. Tariku is Ade's birth name and Mekdes is his sisters name. Very sweet and precious.

Max kept telling us this is the best Christmas ever that we did the best buying that we ever had! It was really sweet.

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