Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sickness, Christmas programs, Snow Days, Tis the Season

Oh boy it has been an eventful couple of days. On Monday I was so tired couldn't even stay awake and I wasn't feeling well, by Tuesday I had the full blown stomach flu. I really think there is nothing in the world worse than feeling nauseous. Can I get a witness? Anyway, I had to miss the Christmas program at school and it was Ella's last elementary program. So that was quite the bummer. But I hear she did great on her speaking parts and she nailed her solo. Maya Jane seems to be quite the performer, Joe said she had strangers coming up to her saying they couldn't keep their eyes of her! And Max was trying to get out of the whole thing! Such a boy, but he did well and they all looked really cute!

So we have a snow day here. I was excited about it until 3 of my kids were up by 6:30. One of them up at 5:30 and I might add she is soooo pleasant today. I decided to make cookies with the kids and my lovely tween daughter started in with an attitude. Oh Jesus please help this to stop. I can't take much more of the attitude. Daddy stepped in and she shaped up eventually. Maya had a blast making cookies and we had to clean up several messes, but it was fun.

Then it was off to play in the snow. Can I just say getting snow clothes on your children is one of the worst most frustrating parts of being a parent. I can't tell you how many times I yelled, "STRAIGHTEN YOUR ARM AND MAKE IT STIFF!" Can we just say Mamma is in a mood today? So I told them I would dress them once and if they cried, whined or complained about ANY item of their snow clothing they were staying in the house. Needless to stay they went out and didn't complain and had a great time.

OK so have I mentioned the mice in our home? I am going to die if we don't catch them. We have one that I think may be a genius and he is in our room and bathroom and he somehow escapes the snares of death we have set up for him every day! So it was wrapping time I needed to finish it up. And it took me 3 and a half hours I might add. I smelled something awful in the storage room and found a dead mouse in one of my rubber maids. Come on people I can't live like this!!! My husband said I was being a bit dramatic and I was having a pity party for myself. In my head I thought it is my party and I don't remember inviting you!:) Did I mention I am in a mood?

I am in a grouchy mood and I don't know why. Maybe it is because I was sick and I feel overwhelmed. But I feel so guilty when I get like this especially at Christmas. But I will ask for forgiveness remember the reason for the season and bomb my house with mouse killer and all will be well with the world!:)

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