Monday, December 17, 2012

Wow It's been a long time!

It has been a long time since I have posted on here. I was just reading through my book of my blog when we were adopting Ade and it made me realize how much I enjoyed writing and keeping track of things the kids say and fun events in our lives. So I am going to try to do a better job of keeping up with this!

So let's see, Ade is doing fabulous! He is 3 now and I'm pretty sure he NEVER stops talking! It has been amazing how he has just molded into our family. He is a total Freudenthal! He acts a lot like me an says all sorts of funny things that I say! Like "that's cray cray!" He makes us laugh every day and he is such a blessing to our family. He loves his daddy like no other and I'm pretty sure his big brother Max may be his favorite person on earth. He is so darn cute and has the cutest haircut ever! We call it his Fresh Prince hair. He has a serious 90s fade going on and it suits him well!

Maya is in 1st grade and is so smart. She is growing up so fast and she is just so much fun! She makes our life very colorful. She is a fashionista and has such an eye for detail! She is very observant and quite the basketball player. She is a blast.

Max is in 3rd grade now and he is just so handsome. He also is a really good basketball player and is amazeballs at Hap Ki Do! He is so little and flexible and I'm pretty sure he is the best big brother in the whole world! He loves being home with Joe and I and is content to just hang out with us and be with his family.

Ella Rain in in the big 6th grade, she is rulin' the school!:) She is growing up so fast and she is so incredibly smart. She has such a missions heart and such a heart for others. She is such a blessing. She and Joe just got back from a week in Guatemala. They had such an awesome time and it was so great that they got to spend that time together just the 2 of them! I love to see her missions heart!

Joe and I are doing great. It seems like we barely have time for a 5 minute conversation and barely have any time together, but we do have time as a family and we are enjoying this season in our lives, soon enough we will have all the time in the world for each other and we will miss these days.

So that is a little update, I'll post some pics. 

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