Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sort of Feeling Normal Again

I am starting to feel back to normal after our trip. I have been grouchy and feeling guilty for it. It is due to adjusting back to US life. I saw so many things and met so many amazing people that it is hard to just process that and come back home to being a mom full time and doing all the necessary things mom does. Especially when you have jet lag and are just trying to readjust.

But today I feel somewhat normal. I got up this morning and went for a run outside in the mist, it was awesome. It was a great time to clear my head and talk with Jesus about how I was feeling and the things that I saw. One thing I love about Jesus is that He is good all the time. Then I came home and did MORE laundry and I washed all of the couch covers, they were pretty knarley! That took a long time to put back on. And I started going through summer clothes. My kids have seriously almost outgrown everything. The only one who can still wear most of their stuff is Max! He is so little. But that will be good on my checkbook.

During my bible study today I was wondering why I feel the need to shop? It doesn't matter what I have. I am asking the Lord to help me to stop the shop!:) Also, why do I care so much about my weight? Why can't I be content with where I am? I am also praying that the Lord will help me through that as well and show me where I need to change things in my life. I am doing the Beth Moore study on the book of James and let me just say it is excellent!!! It is really causing me to stop and think about a lot of things. I have so far to go in my life but at least God is faithful and forgiving. Without that I would have nothing!

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