Monday, March 19, 2012

Ethiopia 2012 Part 2

So it is 4:30 here and I can't sleep, I need to get myself acclimated to MO time again! I was so grouchy yesterday, it is hard getting back into the swing of being Mom to 4 little kids and all the household responsibilities and all of that good stuff when you have been gone for 9 days. I guess I was in "culture shock!"

So on to the rest of the trip. We went shopping on Church Hill Rd. I remember the last time I was there in ET and shopping just completely stressed me out. Children tugging at you, calling you Mamma, telling you your beautiful, just begging for you to buy something or give them something. Mamma's on the streets with their sick hungry babies begging. So many different sights shopping. I developed a massive headache and just wanted to leave. Once we got in the van I just lost it. It was too much. I cried and cried and my headache was gone. I had been so tense there just trying to process all of these super sad things I was seeing. But through the whole experience I was thanking God because I pray a lot that God would break my heart and give me a compassion for the orphaned, widowed and poor and He continues to do as I ask!

We went to a school called Trees of Glory which is affiliated with Children's Hopechest. The night before we had gone to Yo Abbsynia a traditional Ethiopian restaurant which was so much fun. I got to dance with one of the dancers there! Funny story, I texted Joe and told him that he and the kids don't think I can dance but my peeps in Ethiopia appreciate my sick dance moves!:) Anyhow the next morning I was feeling sick, but I really wanted to go TOG so I had thrown up and thought maybe that would make me feel better so I went ahead on the 2 hour drive. About half way up there I was feeling BAD, I laid down in the van and slept the rest of the way. When we got there I was shaking and so dizzy and I knew I was going to vomit. I ran to the "bathroom" and threw up. Ended up sleeping in the bed there and throwing up for about 4 hours. When I finally woke up I just sat and watched the team hand out care packages! That is one of my favorite things to watch. By evening I was feeling so much better.

One of the things that touched my heart was these kids literally have nothing, I mean nothing and when they would get their care packages, they would share everything with the people around them. They are so giving. It was so awesome to see. One precious sight I saw was the whole issue with clean water. One little girl had stolen my water bottle:) but I didn't care because I saw here pouring the water into the lid and sharing it with her friends! I mean really come on, there is A LOT to learn from that people!

On the last day we woke up and went to MIssion Ethiopia, it is a place where single moms, widows, the poorest of the poor come to work. They make paper and clay beads and make necklaces and such to sell and support themselves and their families! It was very cool. All the profits go directly to them. I loved that. We got to sit in on their devotion for the morning and it was a very touching time. The way they give themselves in worship is amazing to me. And they have this really killer rolling of the Rs sound they make.:)

After Mission, we went to do some more shopping and then to a fun restaurant called Island Breeze. On the way there, I dropped my water bottle and leaned over to get it and smacked my nose and head on the bar in the van, pretty sure it may be broken, it is purple and swollen. We got a great laugh and a great story out of that one. Only when I got to the states and I am out with the family it feels like people think Joe hit me and it's a little embarrassing!!! Going tomorrow to have an X-ray!

Our flight home was LONG!!! That is the worst part about the whole trip is the flight. But I try to make the most of it. By the last flight though, I was really about to lose it. I was so ready to see my family. It was an awesome trip!

The guys that were taking care of us were AMAZING. We had such a blast and they were so kind to us. I find myself wondering what they are doing during the day. Tesfaye was so sweet and had the best laugh ever. Mastie was a strong guy and the ET Reggie Bush. He was very kind. Habti was just awesome! "Who's house" Habti's house!!!" Henok was very good at what he did. He reminded me a lot of what Ade will look like. And Fikre has such a heart for those kids!

I ams o thankful and blessed that I got to go on this trip and form so many great relationships! Until next year!


  1. LOVED reading about this. SO happy you got to go and do this (and have fun throwing up???). I'm hoping to go in June...still waiting on details.

  2. Haha! It was awesome, I can't wait to go back next year!

  3. Haha! It was awesome, I can't wait to go back next year!