Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ethiopia 2012

I just got back last night from my trip to Ethiopia! Oh my was it wonderful! We had a such a great trip. God was doing wonderful things in our group and in my heart. I will try to write a few things down I am still processing a lot at the moment!

We went to an Ethiopian church service which was so much more charismatic then I was used to and I go to WOLC:). There was so much energy and love and faith in that church. It was called Beza, it was an international church. It was such a great morning of worship. Except for that fact that I was really feeling sick. And I threw up in the middle of service!:) But it was so encouraging to see the people who have so little and are in such dire circumstances lifting their hands and giving their all to Jesus! It was very humbling.

Later that day we went to the Layla House which is an orphanage. Oh my were those children precious! We saw one of the fattest babies I have ever seen and she was delicious! I just wanted to much on her chunky little thighs! So many precious children their waiting for their forever families! It was a great time.

We went to Kind Hearts school and handed out supplies and did small lessons with the kids. We also had 4 teachers with us that did some training with the teachers at teachers at the school and gave them flash cards and such to work with the children. We also handed out sponsor care packages. Each of the children there are sponsored by someone in the US so they can go to school and have a meal each day. They are from the poorest part of Addis and school is really their only stability! So sad. We also bought each child a new pair of shoes and it was great to see them beam with pride when they put on their brand new leather shoes. So many emotions. I met my baby girl if she ever comes up for adoption!:)

We also went to a Young Life meeting in Addis too, it was very hot in the building but very cool to see God working in those children as well. A very big ministry.

I will try to write more later but that is good for now!


  1. This sounds so awesome, Ali! I'm so glad you got to go! Do you know what made you sick? I hope you're feeling better now!

  2. Hey Bethany, I'm not sure, 9 of the 15 on the trip had gotten sick. It was awful!!! How are you guys? How is the process? I haven't been able to keep up since I'm not on FB!