Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where My Heart Is

My heart is in ETHIOPIA. I was reading through a really cool blog last night and they just got back from a trip to Ethiopia. Seeing all of the pictures of the people, the kids, the countryside. I mean everything about it. I can't wait until March when I get to go again. I have so many ideas going through my mind. There is so much we could do for these people.

I see the pictures of the kids running around in no pants, no shoes and filthy dirty. And I picture Ade. He could have been one of those children. Wondering where their next meal will come from. I wonder how Ade's birth family is doing. I hope they are doing well and they are healthy. Or maybe he wouldn't have lived to be that old. I think the statistic is 1 in 5 kids in ET die before the age of 1 maybe. So sad. Thank you Jesus for sparing our guys life!

Just missing Ethiopia and counting down the days until I go again!

Where My Heart Is

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pics didn't upload for some reason!

Fall Fun

We have been having a lot of fun around here lately! A couple of nights ago the kids dug out all kinds of toys in Max's room and we played in there forever! It was so much fun. And such a mess. You should see it now! It looks the same. Max LOVES having all of us in one room just hanging out. They asked me to play with them and when I picked up an animal and started talking they told me to stop that they didn't want me to play! Ella has banned me from Barbies as well. She doesn't like my "Barbie" voice!!! Hhahahah. How funny is that. Most kids beg their moms to play with them and mine beg me to stop!!!

We were being silly and climbing on the bed and all sorts of fun things. Singing songs and just enjoying each other. I love those days!

The kids were out of school today and their out tomorrow as well. Today we had such a fun day on the farm! We went up to Joe's sisters farm. Oh my goodness, if that place isn't a heaven for kids I don't know what is. We did everything! We got in a plastic tube and rolled down a hill and yes I did do this! We rode bikes, played basketball, played on the swing set, teeter totter, barn swing, rocks, climbing AND we got to ride on the combine! I mean it was SOOOO MUCH FUN! Then Denise made us awesome meat ball subs. Max even got to stay the night! Tomorrow the boys get to come to our house and play. We are excited! Thank you Aunt Denise for such a fun day! I wish I had pics from today but I forgot my camera.

Maya had soccer practice tonight and we took Ade. He got sooo excited and starting jumping up and down and yelling at Maya, saying, "KICK IT MY MY KICK IT!!!!" It was so cute and funny. He is talking so much. And Maya did awesome at practice. I think she is just a natural athlete! And Ella had a basketball practice. She is getting pretty serious about her basketball these days!

OK, I am signing off, Maya and I are snuggling in bed watching Aladin! We have never seen it before! Have a wonderful night!

Friday, October 7, 2011

I love socks!!!

So today is a better day. I am not feeling so gloomy! Please excuse my last post! I am fine! I sent Ade to MDO today and I had to run to Target to get some milk and things like that! I ran over to TJMaxx and got the kids some socks! I love socks! It is very important to find the right kind!:) They have great socks for great prices! I love it! It's the little things in life that make me happy! And socks are one of those things!

Tonight is SJCS homecoming so we are headed to the game tonight. That will be fun to get out a bit. And tomorrow is my mom and dad's 40 year wedding anniversary so we have lots of fun stuff planned for that tomorrow! I am excited.

OK, I need to get going, just wanted to apologize for my last couple of posts! I am doing fine, I was just having a pity party and you all got invited!:)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crap Mom

So I'm feeling like "crap mom" right now. Having mono has made me so unmotivated to do anything. I just want to lay down. I don't want to get ready or get dressed or leave! It is making me crazy! Although this week seems better. I feel like I have some of my energy back! So hopefully next week will be a bit more normal!

All 3 of the big kids had field trips this week and I couldn't nor can't go!:( I feel like a loser. But I can't do everything. Maya told me yesterday that I don't play with her when she gets home. I go outside with them everyday. This past week I haven't played I have been too tired.

Joe's sister Caryl is here for a couple of days and she has been a great help. She is making me rest. Which is so hard for me to do when I have so many things going on! She has been awesome. The kids get out early today and she is taking them to the park so that will be super fun for them.

Please pray for me that I would feel better and not get sick again! Also I have a silent prayer request! I feel like I am constantly dealing with this so please pray that God would help me!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

About to Break!

Well, Maya had her surgery on Tuesday and she is doing so well. I have been shocked, the middle of the nights and mornings are the hardest. Her throat is dry and she is in a lot of pain, but it doesn't take too long to get her feeling well again. I think she will probably go to school on Monday. We are thinking she may have caught a cold on top of it. It breaks my heart.

I have been super tired for a few weeks now and I have had strep twice, I went to the clinic yesterday and I have Mono! I can't believe it. At least I know I'm not crazy, but I feel like something is ALWAYS going on with me and it makes me want to cry. Why can't I be healthy? Why can't I be the weight I want to be? Why am I always sick? Jesus really needs to come into my life and heal me. So not fun!

Besides being sick we have been busy. We took the kids to see Dolphin Tale tonight. They loved it. It was a really sweet story. Ella went to a friends to stay the night and Max went to Joe and Lacey's to stay all night with the boys! They are super excited about that. And so were Joe and I. Although I don't really like not having all my babies under my roof at night! But at least they get to do something fun.

Ella has been having basketball practice again. She is enjoying that. Max has been doing Hap Ki Do and loving it. Maya is doing dance and soccer and Ade started preschool. He LOVES it! Well, just wanted to send a quick update!