Friday, October 7, 2011

I love socks!!!

So today is a better day. I am not feeling so gloomy! Please excuse my last post! I am fine! I sent Ade to MDO today and I had to run to Target to get some milk and things like that! I ran over to TJMaxx and got the kids some socks! I love socks! It is very important to find the right kind!:) They have great socks for great prices! I love it! It's the little things in life that make me happy! And socks are one of those things!

Tonight is SJCS homecoming so we are headed to the game tonight. That will be fun to get out a bit. And tomorrow is my mom and dad's 40 year wedding anniversary so we have lots of fun stuff planned for that tomorrow! I am excited.

OK, I need to get going, just wanted to apologize for my last couple of posts! I am doing fine, I was just having a pity party and you all got invited!:)

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  1. Girl you are soo funny. I would be having a pity party too if I had mono, that is completely understandable.

    I'm picky about my socks too. I really like gold toe socks :) :)