Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Fun

We have been having a lot of fun around here lately! A couple of nights ago the kids dug out all kinds of toys in Max's room and we played in there forever! It was so much fun. And such a mess. You should see it now! It looks the same. Max LOVES having all of us in one room just hanging out. They asked me to play with them and when I picked up an animal and started talking they told me to stop that they didn't want me to play! Ella has banned me from Barbies as well. She doesn't like my "Barbie" voice!!! Hhahahah. How funny is that. Most kids beg their moms to play with them and mine beg me to stop!!!

We were being silly and climbing on the bed and all sorts of fun things. Singing songs and just enjoying each other. I love those days!

The kids were out of school today and their out tomorrow as well. Today we had such a fun day on the farm! We went up to Joe's sisters farm. Oh my goodness, if that place isn't a heaven for kids I don't know what is. We did everything! We got in a plastic tube and rolled down a hill and yes I did do this! We rode bikes, played basketball, played on the swing set, teeter totter, barn swing, rocks, climbing AND we got to ride on the combine! I mean it was SOOOO MUCH FUN! Then Denise made us awesome meat ball subs. Max even got to stay the night! Tomorrow the boys get to come to our house and play. We are excited! Thank you Aunt Denise for such a fun day! I wish I had pics from today but I forgot my camera.

Maya had soccer practice tonight and we took Ade. He got sooo excited and starting jumping up and down and yelling at Maya, saying, "KICK IT MY MY KICK IT!!!!" It was so cute and funny. He is talking so much. And Maya did awesome at practice. I think she is just a natural athlete! And Ella had a basketball practice. She is getting pretty serious about her basketball these days!

OK, I am signing off, Maya and I are snuggling in bed watching Aladin! We have never seen it before! Have a wonderful night!

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