Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Blue

I love my kids and my husband so much! The past couple of days I just haven't felt well and I am heading to the dr. this afternoon. It is so funny how your perspective on life changes so fast when your not feeling well! I have just felt really sad these past couple of days. It has also been really rainy here as well.

Last night I went to a baby shower for a friend and Max and Maya were crying that they didn't want me to go! It broke my heart! I came home and they were already asleep. I was laying in bed about to cry because I missed them while I was gone! It is so funny because at times I want to get away from them so bad, but when I am gone I miss them! Funny how that works! Every night when I put Maya down, she comes down to my room and says, "but Mom I miss you too much when I am sleeping!" It is an awesome thing to be loved!

But could make your gray skies turn blue you ask? Hearing your precious 22 month old boy from Ethiopia say "I wud you"!!! What a precious gift! Thank you Jesus!

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