Friday, April 29, 2011

8 Months Home!!!

WOW!!! The 8 month mark really snuck up on me! I can't believe it has been 8 months. It seems like I have learned and grown so much in the past 8 months. God has been doing some really great stuff in my life. He has helped me overcome some obstacles and he has brought some great people into my life. He has shown me so much in this past 8 months!

When I look at pictures from when we first brought Ade home I can't believe how much he has grown! He has gotten so much taller and just more mature. He's much less like a baby! He has quite the attitude. He is beginning to be such a 2 year old. Attitude and all!!! He is so much fun. He can be quite the pill. There are times when I can't even take anymore of his whining and sassiness!

I know we are so blessed to have him in our life. I am soooo glad we answered God's call. He really completes our family. He was born to be a Freudenthal! I have had a couple of people tell me that he looks like me in some way! Haha! How funny is that. I wish I had that black curly hair and that silky chocolate skin, those big beautiful brown eyes and who can even stand those LONG eyelashes!!!

He has had so many firsts since he has been with us. He just recently had his first Easter with us which he really could have cared less about. He got about 5 eggs and then he was on to the outside toys! He looked so cute on Easter. How awesome to celebrate the resurrection of our King with our precious little man. He has gone to his first circus. He rode his first scooter which he LOVES. We had his finalization and his first pizza party. He has colored his first picture. He has gotten his first time out at church! He has experienced a lot!

8 months into this journey, it seems like he has been with us forever. Sometimes when I look at scars on him and see him staring off into to space, I wish I knew his WHOLE story. I wish I would've gotten to meet his birth mom. To look into her eyes and let her know what a gift she has given us! I know I have said this before but there are many times when I look at him and get sad that his BM is missing this. I wonder if she ever thinks about him. I wish there was a way I could meet her and tell her how much we love her. That would be a dream come true. But for now I will continue to pray for her and ask to show her how much he is loved and how happy he is!

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