Monday, April 18, 2011

Finalization Day!!!

Today was our finalization day. It was awesome. My parents were there and my friend Joey and her daughter and niece came! It was so special! I got all choked up when the judge was asking Joe if he was prepared to love Ade and provide and care for him for the rest of his life and if he loved him like his own. It just touched my heart so much when Joe answered yes to these things because without Joe Ade would not have a daddy! I mean he had a birth mom whom he met and he had the nanny's, but he didn't have a daddy! And now he is not among the many who are fatherless!!! My baby boy has a Mommy AND a Daddy!

After the court hearing we headed on over to the Pizza Shoppe where some friends and family met us there to celebrate Ade! Those people mean so much to me. Those people were there through the WHOLE process with me. And showed a genuine interest in us and that means the world to us. We are so blessed!

My poor little Ade started running a pretty high fever yesterday. So he ONLY wants Mamma right now. He wasn't much in the celebrating mood tonight. When we got home his fever was 103.6!!! Poor baby boy! So we have snuggled and looked at pictures tonight and now he is finally asleep.

I am so blessed with the wonderful family I have. I have the best husband and the best 4 kids ever! Even though sometimes we do look like a circus! Welcome to the family Ade Joseph Tariku Freudenthal! We love you with all our hearts and are blessed beyond measure to be your family!

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