Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Ethiopian Weekend

This weekend was an awesome weekend to say the least. On Saturday a former Prime Minister of Ethiopia was at my sisters church speaking and giving his testimony. It was so touching and his testimony was AMAZING! He has only been in the states for 2 years after spending 12 years in prison. The whole story is simply an amazing testimony of our great God! I went up and met him after the service and introduced him to Ade! It was so amazing to see he and Ade together. I had forgotten how loving the Ethiopian people are towards children. He just kept kissing him and loving on him! I loved the precious site of 2 countries together! And of course Maya had to tell him she lost her tooth and she said the one word she knew in Amharic and he smiled and kissed her hand and she had the sweetest giggle ever!!! He was such a great and kind men. I just wanted to take him home with me. He was just so kind just like most of the men in Ethiopia!

So today my good friends Joey and Kelly spoke at their church about their recent trip to Ethiopia.(Which by the way, I am going next year! Joe gave me the go ahead, he said he felt like I really needed to go!) They had me in tears, their testimonies were so great. And all that they are doing in Ethiopia just blessed my heart. At the end of the testimony they brought Ade out on stage and again, it warmed my heart to see what God was doing in his little life already! God has great plans for him. I am a blessed Mamma! Ade of course was a hit, like he is everywhere he goes!

And another little shout out. My neighbor gave me an awesome book to rad and it was amazing to me how much of this book related to the story of the Prime Minister. You should read it, Aame Kind of different as me!!! Please read it!!!

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  1. Maybe you could bring home another OR a couple of ET babes!!! How exciting to look forward to another trip! Wish we could have heard the gals speak. Excited for the 18th!!! Love ya, Denise