Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's been going on while we wait!

So we are still waiting! As you read, we got rescheduled until the 18th and it was REALLY hard on me. I have tried to keep the mindset that he will come home when God wants him home! But that wasn't so easy on Thursday when we received the email. Then I was seeing a lot of families that their cases were heard on Monday and that they passed! I am so excited for those families and wondering why we didn't get that same call! But God is in control, not me!

Since we have been waiting we have been busy. They are busy building another room upstairs so all 4 kids can be together! We have had people in and out of our house like crazy! But the builders are great, they are like family! I like having them around! Can't wait to see the new room!

I had surgery on my foot and I have stitches and am in a bootie!!! Let me tell you, lots of fun! It was quite an experience since I was AWAKE the whole time! I get my stitches out on Friday and it's back to shoes! Woo-hoo! Little Maya had an accident yesterday she feel off a stool in the kitchen and landed with her mouth!:( She has a bruised gum and teeth and a BIG FAT lip with a nice gash in it! I feel so bad for her! But she is so tough! I knew she was hurt when she cried longer than 10 seconds!

J and I went to KC to Babies R Us and got little man a new stroller and a new car seat! I can't wait to put him in them. I just want to hold him and kiss him and let him meet his new family!

My good friend Sarah is in Korea as we speak bringing home her little girl Jia! SOOOOO excited to meet her on Monday when they come home! Can't wait to squeeze her! She is a doll.

My Mother's Day was awesome! My husband and kids spoiled me rotten! I am such a blessed girl!

Ella and Max have been busy with school and doing great! Pray for May 18th that we would pass court! We ALL want our baby home ASAP!!!

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