Friday, May 21, 2010

Awesome Dream!!!

So last night I had an awesome dream. I dreamed that little man was home with us and he was doing sooo good! And he loved us so much, he kept hugging and kissing me! I hope that is an indication of how it will be! We are just really praying that all goes well and his birth mom is feeling better by Thursday so she can make it to court! Please pray for me! We are having a fun day today! Andrea is coming over to play and then we are going to a cookout at the Seiter's tonight! Fun night!


  1. The night before my 2nd court date, I had a dream I was in Ethiopia with my girl. It helped me have a little bit of peace in the midst of that terrible disappointment. Praying for his mom to feel well enough to make it to court!

  2. Thank you Beth!!! I forgot, have you gotten a travel date yet?