Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Glimmer of Hope!!!

Well, last night was rough to say the least! I read in the Bible today about my eyes are dry from crying all my tears and my throat is dry and I need God! Something along those lines, but that is just how I felt last night! I think I cried all my tears! And totally FAILED whatever the Lord was trying to show me! I am thankful that He is merciful! Because last night I did not react in the way I should!

But..... today is a new day Praise the Lord and I am doing better. I took Maya down to Zona Rosa to play at Bounce House to get out a little bit and she needed to get out also. On top of our bad news yesterday she was HORRIBLE all day and was in lots of trouble! "Judy Attitudy" needs to go! :) But we had fun and when I came home I checked my email and Holt had emailed saying that the staff in Ethiopia had said his birth mom was sick and couldn't make it to court. So they are hoping she will be well by the 27th to show up! So let's pray she is well and can show up to court! It made me feel better that they know where she is. Anyway, I"m sure you are all tired of hearing this, but PLEASE PRAY that she shows up next THURSDAY!

I am having a nice afternoon, my nephew and his friends came over to watch Disney movies in our theatre so the kids are down there with them and I have a little break! Love those breaks! Have a great night!


  1. I'm so happy they know where she is! I'm sure she'll be there the 27th! And the 2nd time not passing was awful for me. Praying for your next date to be the one that makes him yours!!!

  2. I've got Judy Attitudy at my house too! Then I act like Jeanie McMeanie.
    I will be praying that she heals quickly and shows up for the next date!

  3. I love Jeanie McMeanie! Thank you guys for praying! It helps having people to walk through this with us!

  4. Ali - just saw your comment on my blog. So excited you are near KC! If it makes you feel any better ... We didn't pass court until the third time, and as it turns out, most of the families who we traveled with passed either on or before our first or second court dates. So, in the end, as far as when we got to hold our son, passing court third time instead of the first, didn't really make a difference. Of course that didn't change the fact that it really sucked at the time!!!

  5. Oh Shonda, that does me feel better! I was showing my husband your little guy and he thought he was so adorable! And he looks so happy! Is he transitioning well?