Sunday, February 17, 2013

Father/Daughter Dance

Friday was the Father/Daughter dance and so Joe and the girls were all dressed up and headed to the dance! Ella had an emotional meltdown. Nothing fit so we headed to the mall and found a dress in 20 minutes and she looked beautiful. We took pictures and then they were off.

The boys and I went to dinner with some friends and headed to the SJCS basketball games. It was super fun. Max's little friend Lane stayed the night and his birthday was on Saturday so we surprised him with a donut with a candle and a present! It was super fun.

So Joe said the dance came with lots of drama. Having 2 daughters at the F/D dance is never easy, someone always feels like daddy didn't spend enough time with them! Too much drama for this mamma! But Joe said Maya had a blast and danced and sang her little heart away. Ella was all about her friends. All in all I think it was a pretty fun time.

I enjoyed hanging out with my boys. I asked Ade if he had a girlfriend in his school and he said, "no Mom, we all just hang out!" Really my little 3 year old. He kills me!

This weekend has been crazy busy. We rearranged Ella's room and did a thorough cleaning that was brutal. I seriously about had a panic attack. I couldn't believe all the random things she had just stuffed in various places. So many huge rubber maids of clothes that no longer fit. Also cleaned out Maya's closet and it was bad as well.

Headed to church this morning and Ade started running a 103 fever:(. Pray for my baby. This is just a rambling post!

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