Thursday, September 1, 2011

Surgery is NO Fun!!!

On Tuesday Ella had her tonsils out and she had a hole in her eardrum that was repaired. They had to take a skin graft from above her ear! She has some stitches and it is so sore. Today is day 3 and today has been the worst day so far. She had a major meltdown earlier. I think she is just so sick of hurting. It is breaking my heart. Poor girl! Right now she is sitting here in a pretty pleasant mood!!! Grandma and Grandpa just left.

Today Grammy came over to watch her for an hour so Ade and I went to Pilates and when we came home she was melting! We are praying that this is the worst day and she will be on the uphill swing tomorrow! Please pray for my sweet girl, she is so tired of feeling like this!

I can't even imagine how people feel or do it that have kids with a chronic illness. I feel like I am ignoring the other 3 and they notice. They are all a bit grouchy! Pray for us please!

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