Friday, April 9, 2010

One trip and more pictures!

So we found out last week that we are only going to have to make one trip to Ethiopia to pick up baby Ade. Which is a blessing. All of our paperwork is in Ethiopia and it has to be there by May 1st I believe. So praise God that is an answered prayer! We are praying that we would get him in June or July!

I was shocked on Wednesday to open up my computer and find new pics of him!!! I was told that they were having some issues getting pictures from Ethiopia and so far we have gotten 4! He is the most beautiful baby and he is tiny. I looked up his percentiles on the growth chart and he is below the 5th percent in both height and weight! He has the cutest black curly hair ever! We are so in love! Ella keeps saying, "I can't wait to get him home!" I am right there with you sister!

So that is a little update! I'm not even sure that anyone reads this, but hey it's fun!


  1. I am reading this and I couldn't be more happy for you all:-) The ransom of Christ-it is as it should be Ali and we are praying for your family and truly hope that your adoption journey will be the inspiration to nations of Jesus Lovers! God Bless and I am hoping to actually meet you this Sunday,lol! Grace,Grace

  2. Thank you Vicki! We are so excited!

  3. Yahoo! I can hardly wait to hold my little nephew! Antonio said the other day when we saw Ade's picture, "Mama, won't it be great to have another boy that looks like me and Amos in our big family!" Out of the mouth's of babe's :o) Love you guys!