Friday, April 23, 2010

One Step Closer and Construction!

Hello, we got an email this week that stated that our I600 approval was in Ethiopia and approved! That is one step closer. We are just really praying that we will pass our court date on the 4th. And we can bring our baby boy home.

It is kind of starting to hit me that I will have 4 kids and that one of them will be a toddler! It's been a long time since I've had a toddler! I can't wait! I hope he likes us and bonds quickly with us! We are praying for that also. That he would have a supernatural connection with us! I'm sure every adoptive parent prays this!

They started construction on the new bedroom this week! It is going to be very cool! Max is totally excited. I'm just ready to be settled. Although I'm so glad to have my builder family back! It seems like we say them all the time for a year and then it just stopped! But now they are back and they are great! I love having them here. And so does Maya! She says she wants to be a builder Mom when she grows up!

Have a great weekend!

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