Monday, April 26, 2010

An Aching Heart!

Tonight my heart aches for our little Ethiopian Prince! I am just ready to have him home with us! To see him interact with his brother and sisters, to love him and care for him!:( I know it is all in God's timing, but I just hope we pass court that first time! May 4th people, be praying!:) I look at his picture ALL the time and I love how the kids want to see his picture too! We even tell Max he and his baby brother have the same long eyelashes!!! Soon he will be ours forever!

On another note, we had a good weekend. I had a girls night with some friends in KC. And we had the Vintage Gardens Fashion Show! The girls were adorable and had SOOO much fun! It was sooooo Maya and Ella's thing! Then we had our nieces for the evening. So we took 5 kids to the mall! We kept laughing at the looks we got from people, pity looks. They looked at us with pity!!! We had a lot of fun though. And Sunday we went to church and watched movies ALL day! It was so nice and relaxing.

OK, well I am done for now, not too much to report! Have a great week friends!

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