Thursday, February 13, 2014


Happy 13th Birthday Ella Rain! I can't believe my firstborn is a teen! WOW! Where did that time go? It seems like just yesterday I had my first baby. This little chubby faced, full head of hair baby girl! She was the cutest thing ever. And boy was she spoiled. She wouldn't sleep unless she were in my arms. I could not leave the room without her crying and she was a major mamma's girl!

She seriously had the thickest head of hair I have ever seen on any infant. She was such a fun smart girl. I am so blessed to be her mamma.

Here are some random facts about Ella:

-she has a huge heart for others
-she has a very giving heart
-she has a guilty conscience
-she tells me everything
-she is a baller
-she has a beautiful singing voice
-she loves Jesus
-she is very repentant when she is wrong
-she is strong
-she loves going to church
-she is loyal
-she is very affectionate
-she is super smart
-she is a hard worker
-she is pretty  mature
-she made me a mamma

Ella Rain, you are a joy and a blessing and Dad I love you so very much and we are very proud of you! Keep focussing on Jesus baby girl!

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