Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tis the Season!

Wow, it has been almost a month since I have posted! I have been doing some serious slacking! We have been busy little Freudenthal's. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year and had a wonderful time. We ran the Turkey Trot and it was fun, not really but I like the tshirt! The funny of Thanksgiving this year was that Caryl put the turkey in upside down and we were all trying to figure out why the legs were so short until we finally realized what had happened! So funny, but we think we found the secret to a great turkey because it was our best turkey ever!

After Thanksgiving we headed up to the farm for some more family fun. I got to meet my precious nephew Lincoln for the first time and we hit it right off! I'm pretty sure he loved me!:) I don't think I hardly put him down the whole day, he was just too precious to put down! Ella had a tournament that night and so basketball began! Since then, it seems like we have been playing A LOT of basketball which is so fun to watch the kids play!

I have been amazed at how healthy my kids have been this year. This time last year it seemed like every other day someone was home sick! Not this year Praise the Lord! We have only had pink eye and a slight ear infection! I'll take it! I am so thankful that we got the girls' tonsils out. It has been the best move we have ever made!

The Christmas season is here and I love it so much! I love trying to make it special for my kids! Max is so awesome, he is so much like me in that he gets so into all of the fun Christmas things, activities, movies, lights, anything really! I love it. Last weekend we put up our tree and it was super fun.

One of my favorite days of the year is when Joe and I go Christmas shopping. We started shopping about 10:45am yesterday and didn't finish until 9pm. It was a LONG day of shopping. But we are so happy with what we purchased this year! We are done with junky little toys, we bought things we knew they would like and play with. I can't wait for them to open up on Christmas morning!

Today we had another ball game and then we came home and painted Christmas ornaments which was so much fun. The kids LOVE doing that and look forward to it every year. Then we put on our matching family jammies and took our annual picture! It was so much fun! I love doing that!

I wanted to remember a funny from Max, while he was watching a Christmas special Michael Bubble' came on and his name came across the screen and Max said, "Oh, there's Mitchell Bubble"!!! Cracks me up! Have a great night and hopefully I'll be better at blogging!


  1. OK, Joe does NOT look happy in that pic and I totally almost snorted out loud. I love you guys!!!!

  2. Haha! I love it!!! Snorting is good!!!