Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love that my boys each have a brother!

This week was Max's birthday. I have mentioned before that Ade ADORES Max. And Max is so wonderful to him. So today when I opened up Ade's school bag there was a picture with a note attached to it. The picture was Ade holding up a "birthday cake" made out of snow for Max, with candles and all. The note read, "Ade wanted to make a birthday cake for Mackey, but I told him it would melt so we took a picture to send." The look on his face was so precious. It seriously made me want to cry happy tears. To see the love between those two is priceless and worth ALL the hard work.! Love my boys!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday Mackie-Moo!!!

Today is Max Wilen's 9th birthday. I can't believe my boy is 9. I like to say he is the 2nd boy who truly stole my heart! One look into those huge almond shaped hazel eyes and I was taken! He is such a sweet boy.  I wanted a boy so bad and was so happy to finally get my boy. He is such a blessing to us!

Here are some random things about Max:

-He is really good at doing flips!
-He is so handsome!
-He is very smart.
-He is really good at putting things together.
-He is very compassionate.
-He loves Jesus.
-He is so good to his little brother.
-He and Maya are good buddies.
-He is a good student.
-He is a really good basketball player.
-He can be really funny.
-He loves his blankie!
-He looks so cute in his clothes.
-He is super stylish and fly!
-He loves to shop.
-He sings well.
-He adores his daddy.
-He is very snuggly!

There are plenty more things but these are just a few. Happy Birthday Max, we love you more than words can say and we are so thankful God chose us to be your parents!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Maya!

Maya Jane turned 7 yesterday. She had a fun day. I can't believe my baby girl is 7. She is such a blessing to us and we love her so much! Here are some random things about Maya girl!

-She is hilarious!
-She looks just like her daddy!
-She is a really good basketball player.
-She has one of the softest hearts of anyone I have ever meant.
-She is a perfect mix of sass and sweet!
-She is a good dancer.
-She is a fashionista.
-She is so smart.
-She loves her family.
-She loves Jesus.
-She is easy to discipline.
-She loves her baby dolls.
-She will be a great mommy.
-She is a major Mamma's girl.
-She loves to read.
-She loves babies.
-She is so kind.
-She has the cutest little glasses.
-I love her little baby feet.

Needless to say Maya Jane just all around rocks! We love you MJ!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Spelling Bee, Awards, and funny things!

Well today was the spelling bee at school. Honestly I dread this day every year. My Max is ultra competitive and I know if he doesn't do well he is going to get in the car and instantly think he is not smart and cry and be mad at himself. Ella every year has the same girls win and so she does it just for fun not expecting to win. And this was Maya's first year. Luckily I had an inside track to the spelling bee and my friend Joey gave me the heads up. Maya went out the 4th round and Max went out quickly, Ella on the other hand got 4th. So she was pretty excited. I guess when Maya got out she just started crying. Thankfully Jojo was there to comfort her and hug her until she calmed down. When Max got in the car he said he did horrible and got last place and was a horrible speller. I felt so bad for him. I hate it when my kiddos feel bad about themselves and especially feel like they are not as smart as everyone else. We are in a private school and have a ton of really smart kids and sometimes it's hard when you are a good student, just not a straight A student. BUT being the super mom I am:) I bought them a little present to help ease the blow and to let them know that Joe and I were so proud of them for even trying. Lot's of kids didn't even attempt the spelling bee. And we were proud.

When I got home I was going through backpacks and found a character award in Max's bag. He got the "compassionate" award for the month at school! I was so proud of him. I told him that though I was so happy for the kids that won the spelling bee I would much rather have him win an award like that! He is showing the heart of Jesus and that makes my Mamma's heart happy! So he was really proud of himself.

Some funny things Ade said today, Joe had opened the garage today as we were leaving and didn't come in the garage because he was on the phone, so Ade looks over at him and says, "what is Daddy up to?" Totally cracked me up! Then he said Daddy is frustrating! That boy makes me laugh so hard. Then I was buckling him in his car seat and he says in a high pitch voice, "don't hurt my balls!" He is such a boy!

Well, that is about all for now. Have a great weekend if there is anyone reading!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Things are looking up!

Well, we are finally fever free over here! Praise the Lord, that was a rough virus and a long virus! We took the kids to The Great Wolf Lodge yesterday and we just got home. It is not my favorite thing to do, being pale white, in a swimsuit right after the holidays! I also don't like being in a swimsuit unless I am getting a tan, shallow I know! But anyway, the kids LOVED it and it was great for them to burn off some energy. They were so well behaved and we really had a great time.

Tonight Joe and I get to have a date night! We haven't had a date in I don't know how long. I think I've been away from my kids a total of 2 hours in the past month and a half and I am EXCITED. We are having dinner with my lifelong friend Katy Lovill. We have been friends since she was 4 and I was 5. Maya Jane is named after her. I am pretty excited to just chill with adults. But I will miss my babies.

The kids go back to school on Monday and I am excited. This hasn't been a bad break it has just been really long. And boring since the kiddos were all sick. But I am ready for a normal routine. In everything, it seems like I eat more when the kids are home and I don't exercise as much. It's time to get back to normal.

OK well we are off. Some funny things the kids said, Joe told Ade to put his coat on and he looks up and Joe and says, "daddy Jesus doesn't want me to wear my coat!" Oh boy we've entered that phase.